Fun Patriotic Crafts for Kids

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Show your love of red, white and blue. Kids will love to make one of these easy Patriotic Crafts for Kids. Fun craft ideas for any patriotic holiday.

Show your love of red, white and blue. Kids will love to make one of these easy Patriotic Crafts for Kids. Fun craft ideas for any patriotic holiday.
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Looking for some fun patriotic crafts for kids to make for the 4th of July or Memorial Day? Many of us typically celebrate with BBQs, fireworks and other fun as families get together to celebrate the holidays.

This year, however, the way we celebrate may be a little different. But we can still celebrate, craft and social distance too.

Once complete, these crafts are turned into much more than just a craft to keep their hands busy. You can use these patriotic crafts for kids as decorations for showing your patriotic spirit around the house or even as festive party decorations while you enjoy the day outside with friends and family as you celebrate the holiday.

July 4th Activities for Kids
Kids will love the July 4th Activity Pack!

Here are some fun patriotic crafts for kids that you can create for the upcoming patriotic holidays.

Patriotic Slime – Looking for a fun red, white and blue craft idea to keep the kids busy at your Memorial Day or July Fourth Celebration? This Patriotic Party Slime makes the perfect party favor too. You can find this recipe over on our sister site – The Farm Girl Gabs!

Easy Patriotic Crafts kids feature 1

Wine Cork Flag Paintings: This American flag craft lets kids use wine corks to create their own flag painting. The craft is really easy to do, and the painting can even be used as decoration.

Cute and Festive Patriotic Banner: A simple paper craft that kids can make with just a few affordable supplies. Red, white, and blue craft or construction paper is used to create the banner and the glitter covered stars bring the whole project together for a cute and decorative craft for kids.

Patriotic Party Poppers: Party poppers are always fun for kids to play with and these confetti filled poppers are a great craft that kids can make and play with afterwards. You can also change out some of the colors to make for other

Paper Plate Uncle Sam Craft: Perfect for younger children, this paper plate craft is a cute and festive craft that kids can make to keep their little hands busy.

Patriotic Pinwheel: These pinwheels are festive and fun. Kids can create the pinwheels and then use them to show their
spirit during the festive activities and parades that they attend. They’re also fun to play with as you
watch the wind makes them spin.

Patriotic Marshmallow Shooters for Kids: What’s better than playing with marshmallows? Shooting those marshmallows out of a tube and watching them fly everywhere of course! Kids will love making these mini marshmallow shooters.

Easy DIY Flag: This American flag craft is great for older children to help with. Younger children can get in the act to by
helping place the ribbon onto the foam wreath. Once the wreath is completed, you can hang it on the
door for everyone to see.

Patriotic Tie Dye Napkins: This is a great craft that the kids can help with that will also double as the perfect accent to any party. Kids can help use the Sharpie markers to create these fun patriotic napkins.

Red, White and Blue Paper Fans: This paper fan craft can be used as a fun toy for kids or a simple fan to help keep you cool through the summer months. Adult supervision would be recommended but kids will love to help put these

Easy Patriotic Crafts kids feature 1

Handprint Wreath Craft: Kids can use their hands to trace their handprints for this creative wreath. It’s an easy craft that doesn’t take many supplies and will make a great decoration or keepsake that you can keep up all year long.

Patriotic Washi Tape Silverware
Kids can help with the festivities by making those boring plastic silverware pieces into these fun patriotic
utensils. All you need is a few plastic forks, spoons, knives, and some festive washi tape to create these.

USA Wood Craft: An easy craft that kids will love to help paint, these USA wooden pieces are turned into a decorative
party piece or craft that can be kept up all year long to show your patriotic spirit and love for the USA.

3D Paper Firecrackers: Let the kids celebrate the holiday with their own firecrackers! This craft is perfect for kids and the paper firecrackers can be used as decoration, cake toppers, or just as a fun craft that kids can play with afterward.

Patriotic Ribbon Pom Poms: Not only is this a fun patriotic craft for kids to make, the pom poms can also be used as decorations for the home, as a hair accessory, or even as a keychain.

Patriotic Wands: Perfect for taking to the parades to show your patriotic spirit, using them as decorations, or as a fun craft to keep their hands busy, these wands are cute and festive.

The Best 4th Of July Craft Supplies

You may need some of these items so the kids can make their patriotic crafts.




Red or Blue Glitter

Patriotic Stickers

Construction Paper

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Show your love of red, white and blue. Kids will love to make one of these easy Patriotic Crafts for Kids. Fun craft ideas for any patriotic holiday.

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